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Across The Pond

Episode 46

How to Generate Killer Marketing Content and Cultivate Creativity


Content, content, content. It's Probably the marketing buzz word of the last decade or so. With the exponential growth of the web, mobile, video and apps we need messaging that will translate throughout the customer experience. In this episode we help you to bring your brand to life with creativity and killer marketing content to win with your consumers, customers and shoppers.



  • Creative Marketing content that sticks 

  • Inspirational briefing process and leveraging experts

  • 6 Step Action Plan (#AMAP)

  • Capture hearts and minds with story

  • Insights from Podcast Fest (shout out to Minter Dial, Sam Sethi, Andrew Grill) 

  • Creative inspiration from Budweiser, Archie McPhee, Jimmy Johns


Coming soon...

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