Wellbeing is the name of the game: financial, employee, customer - physical and mental. At the top of every CEO’s intray will be “What do we do with the office?” We provide a  practical plan as to what we will all need to think about when, or if we return from lockdown.

Episode 036 TOPICS:

  • What can we learn from the army of home based workers that have been doing this for years?

  • The role of 10X10X10 communication

  • Why generational family businesses have seen this all before

  • What role will physical contact have in the future?

  • The skill of future planning and foresight.

Intro to Marketing Transformed

Welcome to Across the Pond - Marketing Transformed

Chris Lawson and Samuel Monnie are two Marketing Leaders based across the pond in London and Philadelphia. Friends for 20 years and a combined gigantic experience in global brands, marketing and working in the transformation space.

This is a brand new entertaining podcast, where we explore issues very close to our hearts. Digital Transformation and Marketing’s role within its continuous evolution.
Tips and Tricks, entertaining stories, case studies and action plans. A 25 minute (ish) fix on the key themes to help you transform your business, marketing or your career.

“We were discussing what we wanted to get out of this and it’s sharing some of the learnings and principles and war wounds that we have experienced to do transformation successfully. “

Across the Pond - Marketing Transformed the first episode!

Episode 001 TOPICS:

  • Intro: Chris and Samuel -40 years of Marketing Transformation experience

  • Our philosophy to succeed in digital transformation

  • Having the right mindset and process

  • Why marketing needs to take the lead in organisation transformation

  • Lessons from Absolute Radio and Tassimo

“The show is all about Creating the Culture for Innovation & Transformation. How Culture change is one of the most difficult things to accomplish at a company. So we’ll talk about building the culture,  and why the right mindsets only work if you know how to unlock the behaviors that make them happen.”

Creating Culture for Innovation & Marketing Transformation

Episode 002 TOPICS:

  • Creating a culture for innovation and transformation

  • A powerful marketing culture 

  • What is a growth mindset and how to embed it

  • Being brave and watching success follow

  • Lessons from The Guardian

“We’ll talk about Innovation, and try to define it in a way that is useful.  Sam get’s hot under the collar about the true value of asking questions and we also want to fit in some insights on Design Thinking and how to do that well.”

Tips, tricks and hacks for faster Marketing innovation and transformation

Episode 003 TOPICS:

  • Tips tricks and hacks for faster innovation and transformation

  • How do you define Innovation

  • Creating the right environment for creativity

  • The power of asking propelling questions,  eg. how might we?, we can if?

  • Design Thinking

  • Partnership with HR/HR Organisational readiness

  • Case Studies from Audi and Bauer

"Who we admire in the space and what we can learn from them so that the audience can bring them into their own marketing mix.“

Episode 004 TOPICS:

  • Thought leaders and Modern marketers

  • Role of Diversity in growth and Marketing

  • Challenging beliefs and ideals, pioneers and innovators 

  • BAME 2020 - role Chris is playing 

"What’s your marketing superpower? Personal examples of how our marketing superpowers have helped us navigate our careers. There will be a few tips in there for you to identify yours and truly realizing the importance of aptitude over skills."

Episode 005 TOPICS:

  • How do your marketing superpowers help you navigate your career?

  • Power of curiosity – a skill you can practice.

  • What we learn from David Bowie and Richard Branson.

  • Focus on the consumer/customer journey – whats the pain point, make it a little better/remove the friction

We’ll explore why creative bravery is not just about coming up with the next Superbowl advert or challenger brand, but about courage to drive a viewpoint or ideas, products, services. It also means the right mindset and the power of saying yes, then figuring it out.

Episode 006 TOPICS:

  • Creative bravery - it's not just about ads, it's about purpose and differentiation

  • The power of saying yes, and backing yourself to figure it out

  • Tap into your superpower and be receptive  to new insights

  • Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling!

We argue that starting with the How, and the key role of building capabilities within an organization is needed to deliver the promise that modern marketing demands. It's critical now more than ever to ensure  the human factor is front of mind in doing this

Episode 007 TOPICS:

  • Prioritize and invest in building people capability and capacity

  • Breaking down the “how”: ways of working, people, skills, leadership, resources

  • Human factor is so vital in being successful

  • Creating a marketing toolkit, and common language for the team

This is all about building that winning team.  Who is your first hire and who do you want on your wing?  Assessing potential, taking risks and building skills and a team you can rely on.

Episode 008 TOPICS:

  • Who do you want as your wing person?

  • Assessing potential, taking risks when you see that spark.

  • Promoting diversity in order to improve diversity of ideas.

  • Different ways to recruit and assess talent.

We are going to talk about growth. Let's face it. Making sure the graphs go up not down is a core part of what we need to do. And every transformation plan has that in. Even if the measure is efficiency. We are going to look at how you create and optimise a sales plan and what we can learn from some of those huge rising stars of the tech world

Episode 009 TOPICS:

  • Increase market share, deliver sales growth 99% of marketing job descriptions have this as line one. It’s what we are judged on. But how do we go about it and what are the ways to maximise success. 

  • What’s been the biggest successes we have seen and why.

  • Which growth stories are we most interested in at the moment.

  • What are the steps to get there.

We tackle the challenge of growth, how to sustain it in the face of blockages and go deeper into the skills, techniques behaviors and actions to have in your armory today and those to build  for the future

Episode 010 TOPICS:

  • Uncovering and building conviction around the big opportunities for growth

  • How to build up your resilience for the benefit of the plan

  • How existing or new projects help deliver growth opportunities (and where the gaps are)

  • Why a successful plan needs a shared agenda.

  • A brief introduction to the Modern Marketing P&L 

We investigate the Rise of the Retention Specialist, why there (rightly so) is an increasing focus on retention, not growth and what we’ve learned from thought leaders including Sean Ellis and Joseph Jaffe in this space.

Episode 011 TOPICS:

  • Fixing the “leaky bucket”, retaining customers before acquiring new ones

  • Cake vs Broccoli - (Understanding consumer behavior and psychology)  

  • What we learned from thought leaders in this space (Sean Ellis and Joseph Jaffe) 

  • For profit and non profit brands that are doing this well 

We get specific on how to know if you are succeeding and meeting business expectations and give you a fresh perspective on the modern marketing metrics/scorecard to apply in your organization.

Episode 012 TOPICS:

  • How do you know you are succeeding and meeting expectations

  • What’s the most important thing to measure?

  • The importance of quantitative and qualitative measures

  • Our POV on the modern marketing scorecard 

In episode 012 we determined the core eight modern marketing metrics. In this episode, we explain what to do with your metrics, how to set up and pick the right tools for the measurement system, and reveal the ‘Killer KPI’  everyone must have.

Episode 013 TOPICS:

  • How do your metrics relate to your business goals ?

  • Creating successful dashboards 

  • Bringing personality into analytics

  • How to set up measurement without a huge expensive engagement suite.

  • The Killer KPI everyone must have

Trust is a big question that seems to dominate everything we do these days.  Politicians, Media Channels, Product Reviews, even Products.  (And we will come back to this one.) As marketers yes we are storytellers, but we want that based on truth and trust, not fiction.  So how do we go about it

Episode 014 TOPICS:

  • Fact or Fiction: Is there a trust gap in marketing and advertising?

  • The bad, the ugly…..is there any good ?

  • Are paid influencers on the way out ?

  • Will the UK efforts to win trust back make it across the Pond?

  • Which brands are living into the gold standard ?

We explore the power of purpose and the positive impact it's having on brands, on the employee experience and the corporate leaders who are driving decisions. The momentum behind these efforts is a key pathway to rebuild trust with consumers.

Episode 015 TOPICS:

  • The power of purpose

  • Brands that are redefining purpose and rebuilding trust 

  • Creating your personal purpose statement

  • 5 steps to turn purpose into action

Some of the most gifted people in the industry come from agencies, and quite often they are the unsung heroes behind advertising campaigns, strategies, and new product launches. Yet client-agency relationships continue to struggle as brands continue to look elsewhere for solutions, so we answer the BIG question -  have agencies had their day?

Episode 016 TOPICS:

  • What do brands need, where can agencies and partners better support?

  • Are agencies changing fast enough? What challenges do they face?

  • “Help Me Help You” - learnings from Jerry Maguire 

  • What makes a great brief 

  • Unlocking the hidden agency value

We look at competitor activity.  How to use it constructively to motivate yourself, your company and improve your offering to your audience. Marketing transformation is all about how do you make that significant step (not the incremental one).  From examining the market and finding a clear space, or working out how you can muscle in and create something different from the competition.

Episode 017 TOPICS:

  • Marketplaces are increasingly crowded - so how do you stand out.

  • What to do when everyone can be a competitor (media, retail, time) 

  • How to be assertive/aggressive without compromising your values.

  • Learnings from the www.adaptmanifesto.org (framework)

  • How to beat your competitors

We look at how will technology affect marketing and what does it mean to us in our day to day jobs. We explore which areas will be automated, what the latest skills should be and envision the marketing jobs of the future.

Episode 018 TOPICS:

  • Will AI take over marketing and what will be the impact

  • Which areas of marketing will be automated over the next five years?

  • What are the latest marketing skills and how will they change again?

  • Marketing Jobs of the Future

What goes around comes around! We test the belief that new marketing ideas are simply old ones remixed. We explain how established brands continue to remain relevant via their ability to unlock and unleashing deep human understanding and turn them into insights.

Episode 019 TOPICS:

  • The best marketing ideas are simply old ideas remixed

  • How established brands continue to remain relevant

  • What we can learn from the  James Bond Franchise 

  • Unlocking and unleashing deep consumer insights

  • Andrew Chen: Tech changes, people stay the same

Storytelling is the cornerstone of great marketing. We explore what makes a story compelling, the questions that lead to engaging stories and some of the greats we can learn from such as Muhammad Ali

Episode 020 TOPICS:

  • Why do we listen to stories?

  • Oldest marketing stories that still resonate

  • Which questions lead to great stories

  • Muhammad Ali, Marvin Gaye, Johny Cash - storytelling greats

  • Brands that tell the best stories.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”  Maya Angelou.  We take inspiration from poetry, household brands and entrepreneurs to create great storytelling in marketing.

Episode 021 TOPICS:

  • Using “conflict” on your brand to stand out

  • The five steps to creating an elevator pitch

  • How some brand stories (Patagonia) tell themself.

  • How to chose your medium to tell your stories

  • Pivoting your brand story  (from ‘The Lynx/Axe effect’ to ‘Find Your Magic’)

From KickStarter to Star Wars, Superfans and brand communities are everywhere! We look at what it takes to create them, share success stories of who’s doing it well and discuss how marketers can create generations of fans.

Episode 022 TOPICS:

  • The power of the community vs the power of the individual

  • Before Kickstarter... there was Radiohead and Prince!

  • What we can learn from David Meerman-Scott 

  • Does every business have a community element? 

  • 5 lessons in setting up communities

We debate if B2i, not B2C (ie business to an individual not business to consumer) is the new standard. So much of marketing is trying to target people on a personal level - with the goal of being relevant and intimately meet needs based on the relationship that's been established. Yet, this runs counter to the mass market approach that has been a tried and tested strategy for decades

Episode 023 TOPICS:

  • B2i vs B2C (business to individual vs  business to consumer)

  • How algorithm-driven targeting represents a move back (in time)

  • Why we both love Spotify

  • Lessons from Lego, Eddie Bauer, and Nespresso 

One of the first reasons a transformation fails is due to the CEO not setting a high enough aspiration. We debate if this is true, find learnings from failures and successes and provide practical tips you can apply right now

Episode 024 TOPICS:

  • Why 70% of transformations fail

  • Let’s talk about failure and how to navigate it 

  • The LEGO transformation - remember they make plastic bricks!

  • What we can learn from Michael Gale author of the Digital Helix

  • A simple stop/start/do differently framework

Start-Ups - which ones stand out to us? What makes a serial entrepreneur successful? We share personal stories of entrepreneurial successes and failures - what we’ve learned, some things we’d do again and things we’d do differently.

Episode 025 TOPICS:

  • What’s the definition of a start-up and a scale-up.

  • Hacks when you have no money that has worked for start-ups

  • Personal lessons from our start-up experience

  • The Peleton experience

  • What makes a serial entrepreneur?  What’s the secret to being successful lots of times?

“In this show, we dig into the shift from the start-up phase to the heavy lifting scale-up phase. We share personal insights and inspiration for successful scale-ups, what we can learn from failures and the skills marketers need in this space”.

Episode 026 TOPICS:

  • How to avoid being one of the 90% of Startup/Scale Up failures

  • The pitfalls to avoid when given a huge Cheque/Check

  • Inspiration from CEO’s - Fracture and Gravity Payments 

  • Scale Up Case Studies:  Ticket Tailor and Unbiased

  • The Marketing scale up skills you should practice

As a marketer starting out, the lesson to remember throughout your career is to stay humble.  And even though you might put 100% effort into a project, sometimes for reasons out of your control or circumstances that you can control - you still need the agility and humility to change path! Because it’s often for the better. 

Episode 027 TOPICS:

  • Why do brands do the right things and still fail?

  • Reaching the brink of brand extinction

  • Businesses that managed to come back even stronger

  • The Power of Nostalgia works for a while if you get it right 

  • Learnings from Richard Shotton - author The Choice Factory and Katy Perry!

Does your personal brand do you justice? In this episode we share inspiration and perspective from what we’ve seen work. We  highlight diverse approaches to create a personal brand that generates love, intrigue, impact for you and your career. And yes we have to reference Gary Vaynerchuk”

Episode 028 TOPICS:

  • The blurring of work and personal life in your branding

  • Personal Branding and Storytelling 

  • Inspiration from Carla Harris, Bruce Daisley & Natalie James

  • Tips to help shape your personal Brand 

  • Gary Vaynerchuk 

Some organizations have changed their business model by force and others have changed what they do because it’s the right thing to do. It’s heartening to talk about brands that we associate with that have a strong purpose and are powerful forces for good as they step into the breach.

Episode 029TOPICS:

  • An era of radical Changes in human behavior

  • Will the employer vs employee balance of power shift last ?

  • Creativity in crisis: examples from Cathedral Kitchen, Brewdog and Gravity Payments

  • The Growth Mindset in practice: Amir Ghannad, Marriott  CEO and Jonny White at Ticket Tailor

  • The power of acting With Purpose and how we are doing that 

Don't sit on the sidelines. Be the catalyst for innovation, we’ve seen great examples of companies taking the challenges head on. But what frameworks can we use to thrive in uncertain times?

Episode 030 TOPICS:

  • A seven stage framework to deal with a crisis (It starts with employees)

  • Harsh business realities and how to deal with them responsibly

  • Customer Policies that work (from refunds to communications ) 

  • Pivoting in a crisis with creativity

  • The difficulty of trust in an imperfect world.

  • What we can learn from the company Contagious and Karl and Paul

“Marketing Transformation is often associated with digital transformation. But do we overlook something in the race to master the technology - that the competitive advantage  we have is that humans can empathise? We look at brands that do it well, whether the balance is right and practical advice we can put into practice”.

Episode 031 TOPICS:

  • Why Humans are feeling creatures that think 

  • Should CMO’s continue to spend more on tech than people?

  • Can A.I. teach us to be more compassionate?

  • Brand learnings from Humana, AirBnB, Pampers

  • Heartifical Empathy - by Minter Dial

  • Great marketers lead with empathy and compassion

In a virtual work world where the technology, data and connectivity is the only way to operate while consumers and customer needs have changed in a seismic way, we discuss why the Chief Information and Chief Marketing Officers are setting the future direction for business and are being entrusted to lead.

Episode 032 TOPICS:

  • The growing relationships between CIOs and CMOs, and where that road goes?

  • Why digital transformation is not a choice any more 

  • Insights from Andy Caddy and Laura Dawson

  • Collaborating to improve the Customer Experience 

  • How marketing and IT accelerate change

SAAS (Software As A Service) businesses are showing explosive growth.  In an environment  where Docusign’s biggest competitor is paper and pen we look at this and other case studies and what the key attributes are for a marketer to prosper in a SAAS driven world.

Episode 033 TOPICS:

  • What are the skill sets of a SAAS marketer?

  • What we learn from leading female SAAS marketers  Ann Handley and Jenny Myliroe

  • Why you should never hide the cancel button.

  • Where next for hyped brands such as Zoom

It’s becoming clear that keeping people motivated, excited and encouraged is being reset. The ability to remain creative, collaborative and foster the best marketing will evolve as leading with compassion and strength emerges as the new paradigm for us to adopt. 

Episode 034 TOPICS:

  • Inspirational leadership from Jacinda Aherne, Mandy Ginsberg and Valerie Granoff

  • What companies on "best places to work" lists do well

  • The key needs that employees have right now

  • How to lead with compassion and strength 

  • New tools and techniques that inspire marketing and creativity

Perhaps as many as 30 percent of people will work from home multiple days per week within a couple of years. Yet one of the most critical parts of leadership is bringing everyone together. So how do you bring everyone together when you are working remotely and what skills do we need to sharpen?

Episode 035 TOPICS:

  • The workplace is killing people and nobody cares !

  • Is it the end of the office as we know it ?

  • Showing up as a leader remotely vs Management By Walking Around (thanks Tom Peters)

  • Why a distributed workforce will replace the remote work concept

  • The new skills marketers need in the flipped workplace

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