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Marketing Transformed
Samuel Monnie

Samuel Monnie

Transformation Leader

Samuel Monnie believes that fulfilling work and business growth can only be achieved by prioritizing building up people and putting their growth ahead of the P&L.

Samuel is a Marketing Transformation consultant with experience in Global digital, brand, innovation and culture mobilizing. He focuses on key business and team performance issues such as marketing fundamentals/customer journeys, innovation, branding, competitive fitness, ways of working/roles and responsibilities. He co-hosts the Across The Pond Marketing Transformed Podcast with Chris Lawson.

Samuel’s greatest passion is in helping people unleash their creativity and discover their potential - a core philosophy of his latest venture CI Squared.  With the belief that human connection is the key to unlocking productivity, Ci Squared teach how to prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding. Specifically, teaching a Storytelling framework developed through research in neuroscience and behavioural economics and train employees and leaders to listen effectively, be aware of their biases and to tell stories that inspire. As a Managing Partner & Marketing Practice Lead at CI Squared, Samuel also shows how effective communication creates fulfilled employees and hard revenue results. 

As an expat, Samuel maintains his Brit roots as an avid follower of the mighty Red Devils (beloved - Manchester United FC), lover of Indian food and keeping a keen eye on the British music scene. Little known fact about Samuel: he speaks German, French and Ga (Ghana).  Samuel lives in Philadelphia with his wife Lydia.

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