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Across The Pond

Episode 42

How to Build A Brand. Embrace the essence of brand positioning


Brand building and positioning is all about clearly defining your brand’s equity and its value. In this episode, we highlight why you need to go further by having purpose and meaning in its DNA. We then provide an action plan to create a unique position in the hearts and minds - and ultimately the wallets and purses (and digital accounts) of consumers and shoppers in the highly competitive landscape in which a brand exists.



  • The essence of brand positioning (#AMAP)

  • Unleash the power of Purpose (check out episode 15 and episode 29) 

  • 5 step brand building plan in 15 minutes

  • Insights from Giles Brernard

  • Practical tips from the Challenger Project, Overthrow, 

  • Inspiration from Kind, Absolute Radio and Lemonade


Coming soon...

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