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Across The Pond

Episode 53

Season 4 FINALE: Agile Marketing Action Plan (#AMAP)


That's a wrap! In this season 4 FINALE Chris Lawson and Samuel Monnie review the  Marketing Transformed ‘Agile Marketing Action Plan’ (#AMAP).

We highlight how the Cornerstones, Skills, Mindsets and Behaviours for Modern Marketers are vital to deliver  marketing transformation. Whether you are early in your career, an established professional or an entrepreneur - you can take advantage of our free offer available to listeners through October 31 2020. 


  • Season 4 in review: The Marketing Transformed ‘Agile Marketing Action Plan’ (#AMAP) 

  • 4 Cornerstones for Modern Marketing

  • 8 STEPS: (The 4 Skills,  2 Mindsets, and 3 Behaviours of Modern Marketing)

  • Highlights, lessons and stories of success and failures

  • Season 5…..coming soon


Coming soon...

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