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Across The Pond

Episode 52

How to Role Model Modern Leadership (#AMAP)


In this episode, Samuel Monnie and Chris Lawson explain why modern leaders embrace the phrase “I am the one, and it's not about me” (courtesy of Amir Ghannad). We are in an era where the compassion and strength demonstrated by NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is being both emulated and criticized. That’s why we provide a 6 step plan on how to role model modern leadership and leave you with examples and resources that you can put to use right now.


  • Modern Leadership starts with Trust and Patience

  • 6 Step Modern Leadership Plan 

  • Inspiration from Emma Sexton, Joy Buolamwini 

  • “I am the one and it’s not about me” - Insight from Amir Ghannad’s - The Transformative Leader   

  • The coaching management style showcased by Adam Freeman

  • Resources from Rachel Happe, NOBL Academy 


Coming soon...

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