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Across The Pond

Episode 51

How to Inspire Collaboration With Your Product Partners (#AMAP)


In this episode Samuel Monnie and Chris Lawson explore why the old paradigm of collaboration needs to expand beyond the expected partnerships (ie - of sales and marketing, technology infrastructure and development). They highlight the critical role in a modern business that product and marketing must play  - in breaking siloed relationships and ensuring you are truly customer obsessed.


  • What collaboration means to us

  • 6 step plan 

  • Insight from Marty Neumeier and Michael Stahl

  • Shout out to Mike Saubert - a design Genius

  • Design Inspiration from Logitech - led by Bracken Darrell 

  • The power of saying no via Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom


Coming soon...

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