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Across The Pond Season 5! Marketing Transformed Playlist. Samuel Monnie & Chris Lawson

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Click play to listen to the Season 5 preview episode

What we’ve been up to since Season 4

Firstly, it's with gratitude that my co-host Chris Lawson and I (Samuel Monnie) can say that our families and loved ones are safe, well, and healthy. And thankfully, that's been pretty much the case throughout the last few months. Yet we are highly aware that many of you have not been so fortunate.

The challenges we're all facing during COVID are many - as we adapt to the idea of the never normal. That's a term Greg Verdino uses to make the case that we've never really ever been in a stable and predictable environment.

The transformation work I've been doing has really taken off amongst the companies that see marketers and marketing as being at the forefront of cultural and business change. It's great to see them craft the roles and responsibilities and work in a way that's future fit. But there’s still more to be done!

Communication Through Storytelling

I've seen it in the last few months and years and frankly, throughout my career, how miscommunication, misunderstandings and disagreements can be the difference between success and failure at work. I've been part of hierarchies where fellow senior members haven't valued the opinions of other (especially junior) team members.

They've had great information to help us course correct, but we haven't really listened to them, ending up with the launch of new products that weren't successful, were rejected by customers or ignored by consumers. Not only does that impact the P&L (profit and loss), there's a huge negative impact on productivity, trust and overall morale.

Hence, being part of the solution not the problem is why I joined CI squared as co-founder leading the marketing practice. Specifically, we teach our ‘Storytelling+’ framework developed through research in neuroscience and behavioural economics, by training people to listen effectively, be aware of their biases and to tell stories that inspire. We show how effective communication creates fulfilled employees and generates hard revenue results. Stories are why customers connect emotionally with your brand, and why they engage with, share and remember you. Stories have the power to profoundly inspire customers and consumers to action without the need to directly influence or sell.

Helping Companies adapt and the launch of IVFDAD

Chris, via Moreno Marketing has continued to help companies adapt and change. Because no one has time for the in-depth evaluation of the strategic planning processes of old, it's now all about delivering a quick-fire assessment, trying to work out what needs to be done, and then straight into an action plan (and then rinse and repeat, redo, redo).

He’s also created IVFDAD podcast after his daughter Rosie was born in January 2020 following a long, and at times torturous fertility journey and at 18 embryos later, she arrived. But it remains a lonely place for the male partner and there isn't much support out there.

So he’s been putting his marketing skills to use, to create awareness which has led to being on the front page of Apple Podcasts as “highly noted and recommended', newspaper and magazine interviews, webinars in South Africa and beyond, and 8,000 downloads and counting.

Meet the guests - Across The Pond Season 5 is here!

This season we're launching a brand new show format: The Marketing Transformed Playlist.

It was a true labor of love that we're really excited about. It’s our own take on how to keep the podcast fresh, relevant and intriguing all within about 25 minutes long! We've got some pertinent themes that pervade each show.

Out now: Arjo Ghosh shares the backstory of entrepreneurial success.

Next up, Yin Rani talks about being a lifetime student of marketing. Nick Bradley highlights ‘burning the boat’ and reinvention. Amanda Fone and Adrian Walcott; share their insights on people-powered marketing. Minter Dial has revelations about serendipity and storytelling. Rounding the season out, Allen Adamson covers how to turn marketing theory into routine disruption.

Introducing the Bonus AfterCast™ Episode concept

Not to throw shade at everyone else (...note to the reader, so obviously I’m going to do that right now!). A common podcast convention is that you have an interview and then you move on to the next one, next podcast, new topic right ? But our guests were just so compelling we wanted to do an aftershow/after-party concept. That led us to really innovate the format and record a bonus episode afterward - curated by us and yes we’ve branded it as the 'AfterCast™'. Think of it as a recap or remix, a reflection of the areas that really caught our attention, where we go further and deeper, just like a DJ/music producer does.

Out Now: Episode 57 - Arjo Ghosh AfterCast™️ Bonus Episode. Backstory of Entrepreneurial success

Credit to the dream team

Alongside our guests, we couldn’t have put Season 5 together without this wonderful support team who deserve a shout out:

I guess what we set out to achieve with season five was to create a playlist of who we're listening to at the moment and invite you to be a part of it. We hope you enjoy it !

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  • Season Five really gives you that everyday inspiration and that curated selection where we go back and do that AfterCast™ to go into it a bit deeper.


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